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TNSR Business Pro
TNSR Software, pronounced as "tensor," stands as an ultra-scalable virtual router software. It's crafted to deliver exceptional packet handling and routing capabilities, tailored to meet the demanding requirements of edge, cloud, and service provider environments, all without the hefty price tag often associated with such high-performance solutions. By harnessing the power of open-source technology, Netgate's TNSR software offers the velocity, reliability, and adaptability needed to tackle intricate secure networking challenges. Commercially, TNSR software is accessible through an annual subscription model, tailored for individual instances, supporting 3rd-party hardware or virtual machine platforms like KVM and VMware.


  • 24x7x365 access
  • Full access to TNSR documentation, TNSR user forum
  • 24 hour response SLA
  • Contact via email or Service Desk Portal

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